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Case Study: How Myron Golden Used The Channel JumpStart System

Myron Golden exploded on YouTube without his email list, posting on socials, or buying ads.

He followed the CHANNEL JUMPSTART system!

“Derral’s system 100% works. The Channel Jumpstart program has changed my process of creating content and how the leads are almost automatic!”

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The Best Kept Secret of 
YouTube Funnel Hackers

Why creating content targeted at your audience is the fastest 
way to grow your business and generate unlimited leads...

The Channel Jumpstart System will show you exactly how to...

  • Create the perfect YouTube channel for your business
  • ​Build an audience avatar that will watch your content and buy your product
  • Write attention-catching hooks
  • Make your ideal customer fall in love with your brand
  • ​Turn your avid fans into dream customers
  • Generate unlimited content ideas
  • ​Create content without becoming a full-time content creator
  • ​Build a brand story around your business to reduce bounce rate
  • ​Turn a casual viewer into a paying customer
  • Boost conversions with targeted videos
  • ​Use the Channel Jumpstart Bucket System to make content THE RIGHT WAY

 Exact System "The Chosen" Used To Build The Chosen Army

Learn how we leveraged the YouTube algorithm to 
automatically generate the leads that are interested in the 
brand and ready to buy.

The Chosen was the Ultimate Test...

 ...and it worked!

I want to teach you how to 
build a loyal following around 
your business to help you spread 
your message. While there are 
many similarities between 
Channel Jumpstart for Creators 
and for Funnel Hackers, the approach 
is ultimately different. There are 
things to consider when building 
a channel around the purpose of 
generating leads, and that’s what 
you’ll learn with the Channel JumpStart system.

Who Is It For?

The Channel Jumpstart system is for you if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or agency struggling to build a loyal following online that consistently brings in new leads.

If this isn’t you, maybe the Channel Jumpstart Creator Program is more suited for you.

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